December 1st my manuscript must be sent off! Ack! Eeek! Panic! Actually it’s mostly prepared thanks to Uncle Gerard’s kind help… and no thanks to the 3 people I asked who either didn’t get back to me after agreeing to do so or got back saying they were renaging their agreement to help. OK I know, life interferes and teachers are busy people. I appreciate their willingess to help in any case. The story is called Singing Quieter, and if you’re interested you can read it all *here*.

Today we sent Tiffany off by the 4:05 bus back to Providence: it would’ve been later, but precipitation began falling in the form of snow flurries. Also, the wind was gusting up to 60 mph and staying steady around 20 or so, so the idea of walking through the colder and dark of that to the bus station and back simply didn’t sound appealing. However, Tiffany did get to play Pinochle, thanks to Ernie. He came over at noon and suffered through three hours of Pinochle torture. Ian and I like the game OK, and Tiffany loves it, so this was for her. I doubt Ernie will forgive me for having him come over here and do that, though.

Our heat broke yesterday for some reason. After a night and most of today without it (who knows, maybe waiting will make it work again?) we called our landlord, who came by an hour after we called. Wow! He, however, was flummoxed and promised to send somebody else more knowledgeable along to deal with it tomorrow or Monday. Brrrr. Actually the rest of the apartment’s heat works but of course we’re stingy about turning it on. Costs money you know!

And now, what to do? Oh wait, that architecture reading doesn’t do itself. Sounds like fun, fun, fun!

– KF –

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