Church this morning was what you might call “a time.” We all went, me and Ian and Jess; walked through the wind and cold, unsure of if there would be any Crossroads people there at all. Happily, there were! Jason and Lori lead worship and Ify managed to get off working today. The service went long and my fountain pen ran completely dry after half the sermon. I think it was a little too strange for Jess because she really didn’t have much to say after when I asked. After church we went to CVS in search of a postcard. Atlantic Monthly requires we include a self addressed, stamped postcard so they can notify me of receiving the manuscript. Ironically, we couldn’t find postcards ANYWHERE. Too bad, because if I had thought of it I could’ve had Jess drive to Vantage and get me one from there to include (as if A.M. people would notice! Also the link is what I found when I searched Google for “Vantage, WA”) In the end I just cut the front off of a regular card and turned that into a “postcard” that I can only hope will actually go through the mail alright. I tried hard, anyway. That goes off tomorrow.

Dan told us yesterday that there was a Starbucks nearby – within walking distance – and Jess’s eyes just lit up. Coffee! Unsuccessful at CVS, Jess and I decided not to go home but instead continue up Park Ave to find this alleged Starbucks. I tell you what, we walked a *lot* farther than I expected. Actually we took the wrong fork when Park Ave split, so we had to call Ian, and he told us to “get on 122A,” which is a fairly major road but that curved back around and took us to the other part of Park Ave (it divides and half goes one way half goes the other). Viola, there was the Starbucks, not actually that far along! But of course we’d walked the extra distance as a result of being completely and totally lost. However, all the freezing wind was worth it when Jess got her iced mocha and proclaimed it “OK.” I felt rather frustrated, honestly, to walk from church to CVS to Starbucks and back home never once get anything out of it. I do enjoy walking, but Jess and I didn’t talk so much on this one – not about anything particularly special. It’s good to just have a friend around, even though I’m mostly doing homework and she’s the one giving the love to my computer (at least it’s not getting fat & lazy!) We played some poker tonight too, but were interrupted first by Eric arriving back (he was pleased we put his rug down for him), then by Luke arriving home – he needed his card back, which we’d borrowed to do laundry with; paid him back by inviting him to dinner with us spur of the moment (he always accepts) – and during dinner Tyler just walked right in. Suddenly our apartment became a hotbed of male joking activity!

Having her around makes me miss last year – just being able to hang out with friends you know and trust. We don’t have to do anything special; indeed the best part is that nothing special is happening. If we want to talk it’s no big phone-calling ordeal or take forever on IM; it’s just “Hey,” and you talk. Amazing. Awesome. The only blight is that I continually worry I’m being too “mundane” for Jess if I talk about normal things like cars and trees and I wonder what we should make for dinner and telling jokes. Jess scorns that to some extent because… I don’t know, because being depressed is such a very serious thing, people who aren’t serious and don’t always talk about serious things can’t really care about depressed people. Life isn’t exactly made up of lots of serious talks joined by silent moments, after all; if it was, we would probably all be completely miserable.

Speaking of completely miserable, try living in a heatless apartment for a couple days when there’s snow predicted! Yeah! We got up this morning in 55 degree wonderfulness and decided that we would have to turn on the other heat even if we have to pay for it. I was completely frozen in my shower too, so overall it was a very cold morning. Currently I have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants on, socks & slippers, plus a blanket draped over my shoulders and I’m STILL cold. Brrrrrr. Then again, struggling with this completely incomprehensible math and reading exciting architectural history doesn’t tend to warm a body up. I cannot get this math at all. *sigh*

– KF –

4 thoughts on “La Di Da Di Da

  1. There’s nothing light about two people being hilarious with each other. Talking about the weather is light. Finding new pathways of humor is an art. It also happens to be a fun one.

    “people who aren’t serious and don’t always talk about serious things can’t really care about depressed people.” is a blatant falsehood. I would rephrase it as “people who are serious and always talk about serious things have a hard time being anything but depressed.” Isn’t that something like the contrapositive?

  2. I know, and I appreciated the offer! Starbucks just ain’t my kinda place, if you know what I mean

    And man, light conversation *can* be difficult sometimes. D’oh.

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