I almost put up an away message that said, “I miss you.” Who am I missing? Ian and Jess are both here, my two closest friends; home feels distant enough that it doesn’t hurt; Clark no longer contains any deep friendships for me barring Lesley (who I also haven’t seen for quite some time. Sorry, Les). Yet – yet – what is this, this emptiness I feel? I know that I am loved by my Lord and Creator; by Ian; by my family – all of it – and by Jess (I think). But I’m still lonely.

Is it possible that a person needs more than 2 good friends on occasion?

On a positive note, I ROCKED MY ARCHITECTURE EXAM!! Eric asked if all my studying was necessary, and I have to say: ABSOLUTELY. I got an A+ on the thing, for Pete’s sake! Yeah!!!!! I thought I did OK, but all he had to say was “good” and “excellent exam” on the whole thing. Yessss!! *has little dance party in the apartment* I was, however, rather disappointed to find that he sent us the term paper assignments 2 weeks ago and I didn’t realize it, so I’ve been wasting all this time, and now I somehow have to pick a topic, research it extensively (fortunately no requirements regarding number of sources), and write an A-quality 8 – 10 page paper on the topic. All about architecture. He must be kidding… Anyway I feel way better about this class though, because of this exam, and now I know what I need to do to study for the final exam. My face thinking about my exam => 😀 Also on the topic of architecture, here are two prime quotes from my professor and one from a student in the class before I just overheard:

“I did as I always do – perfectly.” (the student)

“Raymond Hood was one of the architectural whores of the 1920’s.”

“[this one boring architect]’s switching from designing classical to modernism is like George W. Bush declaring he’s a communist.”

So the take away message is: if you have any free time and know about architectural history, I’d love to talk to you!

– KF –

5 thoughts on “Architecutral whores?!

  1. I don’t know much about architecture but I love the Craftsman movement of the late 19th century into the 1930’s. I know it was a rebellion against the excess of the Victorian age, at least in part. (Furniture-wise it’s the style of the stuff in our living room.) The style is having a revival in the NW at least. Well, the developers through on a porch and some stone veneer and call it Craftsman. . .

  2. Yeah, I’m a fan of the Arts & Crafts movement too. It was started by William Morris, who incidentally lived in Merton (small world)! The basic idea at that time was a rebellion against the Machine which seemed to be taking over, so Arts & Crafts (now called Craftsman style) wanted a hand-made, unique feel for every building built. My favorite Arts & Crafts house is this one, the Gamble House.

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