The period from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century marks a time of great architectural growth. American architects oscillated from a stripped-down style embodied by the Chicago School’s creations to the full-blown ornamented classical seen on such buildings as McKim, Mead, & White’s contribution to the Columbia Exposition, the Agriculture Building. In Europe, the avant-garde began seeking “new ideas in decoration” (Hitchcock, 336), experimenting for a short time with modifying classical ornamentation in the form of Art Noveau decorations but eventually moving for a time into a style of planar walls, cantilevered balconies, and strip-windows. The challenge during this time, when many architects sought to synthesize technology with a new style, was to discover how heavily on the past this ‘new style’ should rely. The best radical, anti-eclectic architecture—and to some extent the architecture in general—of the early 20th Century relied on past architecture’s examples as inspiration and a starting point but increasingly extrapolated and simplified such past architecture to create a new architecture for a new age.

I’m amazed how quickly life got back to normal after Jess left. I immediately jumped into my Architecture paper, whose opening paragraph you just enjoyed; Ian came home and began working, we ate dinner, and did nothing special. Her leaving was rather anticlimactic: hugged, said goodbye, she got into the van, and it drove away. For that moment I suffered 35 gruelling minutes through the frigid wind and what said felt like -4 F temperatures. Frankly, that Land’s End down jacket I bought completely saved me on that walk. Whew, nothing like New England to make a body appreciate temperate Seattle!

On a good note, my paper is actually coming along all right – I hope. My goal is to finish it by this weekend and send it off to Uncle Gerard’s knife. Tuesday I have a Marine Bio exam, which makes me wonder yet again: why do that?! Why give an exam on the last day of class, and then after a week of no classes give a final covering the exact same material? Science classes here LOVE to do this, yet the cruelty of forcing us to study simultaneously for a “small” exam and a “large” exam is completely unspeakable. Another good note is that I actually, yes truly, talked with Jos. Once in a blue moon is right because I haven’t heard from her for over 2 months (a long time in college time), and now she randomly IM’d me out of the blue. Not complaining, but I really feel that to keep a friendship alive a person needs to NOT spend all their time with their boyfriend. Just a thought. Speaking of blue moons, Ian posted again, and I continue to be amazed by how very pragmatic he can be. Get the information across in the most straight forward possible manner and move on to playing Atomica. However, he is completely right that we have only 16 days until we’re Seattle-bound! So much has to happen between now and then…!

I fear that I can’t get my mind off H.H. Richardson and McKim, Mead, & White, so I may as well just try and keep writing that paper while I’m on a roll. Not a hoagie roll though… more of a dinner roll.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “16

  1. Wow! 16 days! Hooray!

    Do you have transportation home covered?

    No more Sully-van to transport you, but there are always alternatives.

    We miss you both and look forward to relaxing times together over the holidays.

    Love you! M

  2. I think the plan was that the Fergos side of the family would pick us up at the airport. At least that’s what I thought…!

  3. I’m sure a pick-up at the airport can be arranged. I just need to know when, exactly, you’re coming!

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