I woke up this morning to a strange smell in the hall. We’ve been debating all day about its source – I think it’s natural gas from our furnace, Ian says it’s oil, and we can’t really settle it because we’ve not smelled either really. Finally Ian looked in the furnace room, and there’s a huge puddle under the gas furnace. Again we couldn’t agree beyond the fact it smells *bad*. Also I’ve started feeling sick and dizzy again, but feel OK when we go outside. Coincidence? Ian’s calling our landlord.

– KF –

5 thoughts on “Leak?

  1. Umm, yeah, that sounds like it could be a bit of a problem!! Hope things get better soon. How’s the weather over there? Much snow?

  2. All I can say is that it’s very snowy. The picture doesn’t do it justice because I took it yesterday afternoon and it’s snowed probably 5″ since then.

  3. No, we never did. But he did just come out today, took a look, and said that he’d call the furnace peoples again. The puddle is getting bigger, and our living room is rather noxious – only Ian doesn’t smell it. Am I crazy?

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