Today I was awesome briefly. I was puttering around the room, and Ian was conferencing on IM with his IQP group. We discussed briefly the benefits of his not spending the time in the library: his being comfortable at home, listening to music, being in my company… And then he looked at me and said, “Dear?” “Yes?” “Will you get me a glass of water?” Oh-ho, that’s why he likes being at home and doing work! I see how it is! Then, as I rolled my eyes, he added, “With ice… and a twist of lemon?” WELL! Ian knows me and didn’t expect me to do it. But we just so happened to have a lemon left from Thanksgiving: Tiff needed to grate its peel for zest, but hadn’t cut into the lemon itself at all. So I just smiled sweetly, grabbed a knife, and went to the kitchen, where I filled his request to a T. I handed the glass, lemon hanging sweetly on the side, to Ian and he absentmindedly said, “Thanks,” then looked again. And started laughing hyserically for a good 5 minutes. He loved it, and I laughed because it was so perfect.

On another bright note, it’s still still snowing. Maybe we’ll get snowed in so I can’t go to class Tuesday – hahaha. Worcester-ites are far too efficient at snow removal for any such hope. Even now all the sidewalks and driveways have been snowblown, creating skating-rinks as the snow melts and re-freezes. Blizzard conditions don’t slow their evil snowplows down. Ah well, maybe I’ll just go sledding in our cardboard box instead of worrying about all this stuff.

Yay, sledding!

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Sledding!

  1. That’s cute! Yes, you got him! How much snow is there? It doesn’t look that bad on the worcester webcam.

  2. Did you get the oil from the furnace cleaned up? It is medically dangerous whether Ian smells it or not. You should technically shut down the furnace immediately and wait for the repairman to come fix it. Please insist that the landlord gets it fixed immediately.

  3. Unfortunately, we can’t turn the heat off: it’s the same heat that everybody else in the house, so when they want heat the heater down here turns on. *Gasp*Choke*Die*

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