As I predicted, here I am blogging again right after an exam. Why? Well, this time I honest and truly don’t have anything better to do. Yes, I need to start on my Architecture studying but none of that is avaliable to me right now: oh, shucks.

So Geology was easy but took forever to do. She included a ridiculous number of long-answer questions, so this test took me about 55 minutes rather than my average 45. That’s OK, because after 45 I thought I was done. As I prepared to leave, I accidentally knocked my test off the dinky desk those stingy Clark people bought. I hate the attached-to-chair type of desk; they’re gruelling on one’s back and don’t seem to fit any body type. The exam fluttered to the floor, and as I picked it up I realized that there was a whole back page I had not filled out yet, and those questions were worth the most of the whole exam! Thank God I knocked it off the desk, or I would have done poorly for no good reason. The extra ten minutes were me thankfully writing up the answer to that last question. Whew.

I feel pretty good about my exams this semester; it’s a totally strange feeling, frankly. Last year I always left feeling like “well, whatever happens happens,” but this year is very much a “I did well.” Perhaps it’s because classes are easier, but as I thought about it I think that I have actually put more work into my classes this year: ironic, of course, because these 4 classes have nothing whatsoever to do with my major. It’s the 20/80 thing – “in many situations it’s the first 20 percent of the effort that contributes 80 percent of the benefit.” I put in more effort, so hopefully I’ll get more benefit. I think the additional work doing may be due to my having gotten married for two reasons: first, because despite the fact I’m only 19, getting married requires a lot of maturity. It means that now I am responsible to Ian for my actions; that I have to consider the reprecussions of my choices more fully. No, marriage may not cause the increased maturity, but then again it just might. Second, getting married meant that I moved off campus. Moving off campus removes nearly all the seductions of spending time with friends, checking mail superfluously, and spending hours in the Caf for no adequately explained reason. I spend more time alone, so even if I wasted more time I’d also STILL have more time to devote to work. Plus I’m just not a major time-waster… unless you’re talking about Midtown Madness…

– KF –


1 Final Exam

3 Days to Seattle

9 Days to Christmas

3 thoughts on “Oh I’m Pathetic

  1. Its funny that you go from 20/80 then right to the inherient sponsitility of a marriage. My grandmother was married at 17 and I think my grandfather was an incredible influence on her mindset for those 50+ years, and thusly, her entire adult life. There’s no denying it Requires sacrifice, compromise, etc., but not everybody is willing to make that commitment (51% of them don’t) and I know absolutely that you have chosen to, by what you’ve said here.

    This is like the 1000th comment I’ve done here today, I really must not want to study for finals. Wooooo!!!!

  2. Good for you Katie! Congrats on doing well on your finals. It feels really good, huh? And that little desk bump was probably your Christmas present from God this year. Finish strong, and I can’t wait until you and Ian are back in Seattle!

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