Hooray! We finally, FINALLY made it after over 13 hours of gruelling… sitting. The Worcester Limo service came at 10:08, a good 12 minutes early; but when we got to Logan, there was bright yellow emergency tape around our airplane and a congregation of emergency vehicles with lights flashing. That plane never took off and we moved to a different gate. Even then, however, we boarded the plane half an hour late and took off an hour later than that. Frustrating! The worry then became that we had a connecting flight in Chicago that was scheduled to leave at 4:45, and ultimately our flight got into Chicago at 4:30. On that flight, which was only 2.5 hours long, Ian and I were separated and I sat next to an extremely strange guy. He was old – about 55 or 60 – and had absolutely the wildest, most quintessential mad-scientist hair I’d ever seen. Turns out he also liked to socalize, so I learned that he is a librarian (I’d guessed math prof) at Harvard Law School. …OK… Happily our connecting flight was late arriving as well, and they rescheduled it to leave at 5:30 though in reality it didn’t actually board until 6:20. *Sigh* Oh for nonstop Alaska Airlines flights! I don’t know why we flew American or why we had a layover, but we did, and it ended sadly too: as we got our baggage we found that the bag of Ian’s that contains all his clothes and other essentials somehow just “didn’t make it.” After 13.5 hours of traveling (I actually lost track) we finally got to SeaTac. An hour later we got home, and I saw – Carmel! And Dad, too, of course. And Mom, when she got back from BCS’s Homecoming. It feels so good to be home.

45 and rainy: rainy! No snow! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I love Seattle. Sorry if this has been random; it feels like 2:00 am to me, which doesn’t lend to coherency. Jess, if you see this, I don’t think we’ll be able to do anything tomorrow… Ian’s family is picking us up at 1:00 and I know I’ll want to just sleep forever.

– KF –


6 Days to Christmas

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  1. Well, despite the “excitement” in traveling, you made it back, and it’d good to have you back. Sadly, I leave tomorrow, so I won’t see you until after Christmas, so have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy your time home!!

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