Long Fun Day

…involving: Risk, a silly birthday card, Star Trek Next Generation Season Three, a vanishing Christmas tree, a drive through the snow to the library, a little heart to heart (?), Mrs. Pollifax, a golden lab that breakdances, Tony Roma’s, Ben, Lisa, Ryan, Dan, Wes, Ben’s family, a crazy pictionary/telephone type game, and some deliciously unhealthy chocolate cake-pie-stuff.

Notices: 1. We are definitely not going to Seaside; 2. The long roadtrip is still on; 3. We are going via I-90; 4. Ian and I are planning to spend the night at his house tomorrow night. Thrilling details. Continue Reading >>

Title Comes Last

I fear I’ve been making many mistakes lately. Ian and I have been fighting, Jess and I have been fighting, and I’ve been thinking very dark thoughts about myself. Often I wish I could just instantly become who I need to be; for all that I don’t want to hurt people it seems like that’s all I’m any good at doing.

MOVING ON. Yesterday was alright. Helped Mom prep the house for our murder mystery; Jess picked me up and we did errands (yay, got the Trip Tik from AAA: along I-90, though that doesn’t seem very wise…); Ian and I played a little Mario Kart. Stuff really started happening at 4:00 when Kathy and Lowell arrived to help with food for the party. We arranged cheeses and cookies in pretty ways while Mom made some meaty gunk. I’m not feeling very inclined to talk about the party. It went well, and we guessed almost right about who did the murder. Continue Reading >>