…involving: Risk, a silly birthday card, Star Trek Next Generation Season Three, a vanishing Christmas tree, a drive through the snow to the library, a little heart to heart (?), Mrs. Pollifax, a golden lab that breakdances, Tony Roma’s, Ben, Lisa, Ryan, Dan, Wes, Ben’s family, a crazy pictionary/telephone type game, and some deliciously unhealthy chocolate cake-pie-stuff.

Notices: 1. We are definitely not going to Seaside; 2. The long roadtrip is still on; 3. We are going via I-90; 4. Ian and I are planning to spend the night at his house tomorrow night. Thrilling details.

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Long Fun Day

  1. Wow, I must say, I’m impressed by your blogging abilities. We haven’t been home for all that long, and already you have posted about the day. You are definatly more motivated than I

  2. I played video games, and ate nothing but a large DiGiorno’s Supreme pizza, all day 🙂

    Also, I’ve been wearing this same shirt for 7 days now. Actually, maybe 8. Oh man, I rule.

  3. Hey, Price Chopper’s selling Beanbag chairs for $17 a pop. After the mass viewing of Interstella 5555, I think a low-to-the-ground chair like that is worth having…you guys interested, wanna split the cost with me?

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