I got my grades, and as you might imagine, I did well… YEAH!!!!! I guessed right about the A in Geology, which I anticipated after getting 99/100 on one of my exams; I knew about the A in Architecture, also no big surprise after doing well on my midterm; Marine Bio’s A was sewn up when none of my grades were lower than 93/100 (on one paper she begged me to reconsider switching from a Bio major since I was doing so well); and, most amazingly after getting a 62 on my first Math midterm, I even got an A in that class TOO! I am truly and totally shocked beyond comprehension, but only in the nicest possible way. Oh, I worked so hard this semester. I studied like nobody’s business until the WPI guys thought I was just being stupid for working so doggone hard. Well, maybe I didn’t need to, but it really did pay off. My first 4.0 semester in college! W00t!

…Incidentally, that brings me up to a 3.75 in college; I’m recovering from a rather rough freshman year first semester. And maybe those jerks – er, um, people – at Medtronic will grant me the scholarship they refused me last year. Pfft. So, yeah, after what feels like ages of waiting, I’m exceediingly happy. Also, I’ve just finished 3 books in as many days: Diamond Age, Da Vinci Code, and Lord Valentine’s Castle. Not all that great any of them, but I know that the next semester won’t leave me with a whole lot of free time to read (and who knows if I’ll want to after doing all the homework for my two English classes…)

I had forgotten that I’m taking a sociology course, too… I wonder what Soc 010 will entail? Haha, we choose classes so far in advance it’s practically a complete surprise when we start attending them in reality. Next semester will be interesting, the telltale point to indicate if I really am cut out to major in English (oooo the rigor!) or not. Several times over break Ryan mentioned “Us science majors,” then looked at me, then changed it to “me.” I felt terrible right then, I really did; why did I wuss out and switch to an easy major? (Speaking of which, Colleen is desirous of majoring in Theatre, causing Mom and Dad to consider revoking their willingess to pay for her post-high school education. That doesn’t seem very fair to me since they were willing to subsidize her as an Art major) I did so well in Marine Bio: it was literally a pleasure for the most part… Studying I did diligently and found even that which others stumbled on easy. Easy? Well, after hours of work. *Sigh* But I do like reading so much that as long as I can read for an English major I’ll be mostly happy. In fact, I edited Caitlyn’s Formal Lab Report and enjoyed it just fine. I’m so confused.

Incidentally, the title link is what you get when you do a Google image search for “Woo hoo”, along with several Simpson’s pictures, lots of candid shots, and a picture of some old VW vans. Vans? Jalopys, more like. I’m a bit – er – jittery, happy from my grades. AND Mom is playing Mario Kart, which is far more amusing than actually playing the game.

– KF –


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