Ask This, Answer That

Today we visited First Alliance Church in Worcester. It was a cross between the severely conservative First Baptist Church up the street and Crossroads Christian Fellowship. Everybody was quite friendly like at Crossroads, and they sang songs I knew (not all hymns), but the pastor prayed thanking God for President Bush and his faith. Some definite conservative leanings. The sermon was on the beatitude “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Well, he went on to say that the mourning referred to was a deep, gut-wrenching, whole-body/mind/spirit sorrow: just what I’ve been feeling. Sorrow that has made me want to curl up and just weep. The pastor was a little loud for my taste, but he went on to explain that we were mourn for our sin and for the sin of others even more than we would the death of a loved one, and at that point God would provide not just happiness but deep contentment for us. Well, it’s hard to imagine feeling so sorrowful about anything as I feel about not having Ian here with me. But I suppose that’s part of growing up in Christ, too: we start as kids, and small things seem important to us, and as you get more mature you begin seeing more and more of the big picture. It still seemed like God moving in my life, though, to guide me to that Alliance church and hear a sermon on the value of mourning. Additionally, everybody was very nice and welcoming as most small East Coast church people are. You get the feeling that they so desperately want you to come back, and that if you did that would completely make their day. In fact, during the announcements the pastor mentioned that “We have two new guests today…” and asked our names right there and then. Hahah, good thing everybody was so nice, because even so it was still a little on the strange side! Continue Reading >>