Day’s Verse:

“Rejoice in the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever.”

Can’t remember


That is, as of just now I submitted a tranfer application to WPI and my pulse rate is way too high. I don’t know what’s so pulse-raising about this, aside from the fact that if they accept me it will be a major change to my whole life. I talked to the head of the Tech Comm major, and he said that from what I told him this major would work well for me. There is an opportunity for an internship at the Telegram & Gazette, and though I’d have to take Calc and some other crappy classes like that, overall it seems like this is a good thing. What a year of change so far! Got married, moved into our apartment, switched from Bio to English, and now transfer to WPI (if all goes well).

Indecision has never been a strong suit with me; this time I feel confident that this is absolutely the right thing to be doing. The degree may be harder, and the transition difficult, but I believe transferring to WPI will equip me better for the life God has planned for me. WAAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

– KF –


37 days to my husband.

PS – here are some lines I wrote this morning trying to describe a scene that struck me:

Cloud-hazed rays catching falling snowflakes

Dark church spires mingling with skyscrapers of jet

White tinged to pink and gossamer diamond upon the rooftops

Windows into plates of precious gold

Below there lay snow-roofed houses, some homes,

Within the city.

10 thoughts on “SPECIAL NOTICE: IT IS DONE

  1. If there isn’t enough change in my life I begin to think I should cause some, and if there’s too much, well, you all know how that is.

    Calculus might save your life one day and you might not even know it. Most calculus books (of the introductory sort, mind you, I’m not talking about the 4 page topolgy books you spend years studying) are more than an inch thick, just enough damping force to stop even the hardest and fastest of bullets. Keeping calculus close to your heart can literally make you a healthier person.

  2. kATIE,I applaud you in your decision to get the courses that are most meaningful for you. How can we always know what we really want todo at such a young age. I pray that this will be a winner and with God in the picture how can it not be.Having peace about a decision is a sure indication that is it right.Love GMIL

  3. Paul: So then he used something all Italians fear, and what’s that?
    Me: Hard work.
    Heather (is Italian): Real “pengins” wouldn’t say stuff like that.

  4. My life, I’m afraid. The probably damn near best way of approximating and simulating functions ever.

    Taylor, a crazy whacked up space alien, said we can represent annnny continuous, infinitely-differentiable function as the summation of its derivatives times certain constants, unto infinity! The proof of this saved me from failing Advanced Calc 1, and yet I despise it to no ends because everyone knows they could’ve thought of it themselves if they tried.

    If we stop this infinite series at special points then were going to be pretty frickin close to the original, and thus a good approximation. If we go even further the error will be less than the size of a storable number in a computer, and for all purposes then the approximation is “perfect”.

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