Day’s Verse:

“The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade at your right hand. The LORD shallpreserve you froom all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in.”

Ps. 121:5, 7

“I sought him whom my soul loves; I sought him, but did not find him.”

Song of Songs 3:1


As I sit here, face illuminated by the glow of my monitors, I have to ask myself some difficult questions. My stomach has, once again, been inexplicably filled with lead for something I cannot understand. I don’t talk to but two people all day, yet somehow I’ve messed up – to understate it – once more. Life is first furious at me and then coldly hateful then bemusedly puzzled. I want to curl up crying, but instead I keep hearing this: “Love… endures all things.”

– KF –


31 days to my husband.

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