Here they are:

I met my love one sunny day:

I learned to laugh the following;

I found the next the joy of joy,

And after that, the length of time.

Next thought:

Eat out your bitter heart, my friend

You desire that which no amend

Will ever in a thousand years


Next thought:

I fear

I fear

I fear

Loss of joy

Loss of joy in life

In life deep breath

fills the heart and

nourishes the mind.

Let it ride too far

the horizon never ends.

I fear the empty stare

Of eyes behind my back:

Long straight road

Enhabited by me and breath

and the watcher.

Not alive to live alone




A coup of frienship

Proffered, please, to fill

the silly empty lie

We call alone a life.

I also fear nothing.

Next thought:

O talk talk talk

Why all these words a-flowing

When instead a touch, a look, a sigh

Could tell the tale more truely?

I heard the breath indrawn

A sentence, a paragraph, a word beginning –

But awaited never to hear the word

And read a thousand instead.

Next thought:

Laundry dries slowly

When the washer’s spin cycle

Doesn’t spin

With the stars

Or butterfly’s wings.

Final thought:

Real life is just the Sims,

but dirtier.

– KF –


2 weeks 1 day

9 thoughts on “I wrote some thoughts down today.

  1. oh, and about the tetras, I would reccomend getting a beta (or a gourami) along with a little school of tetras. Oh also, really cheap fish are guppies and goldfish, and some guppies (or Mollies) can be really pretty. I also heartily suggest getting a little catfish or a snail, so that you aren’t a slave to the algae scraper.

    oh, and you can go to the post office and get a cashier’s check with your $, which might be a good idea.

  2. Fishwise:

    I’ve learned that swordtails are aggressive and suidical, (esp. the males).

    Betas and paradise fish are gorgeous, but need to live alone. Very feisty.

    Goldfish can live with slightly dirty water! All other fish you need to get a filter or clean a lot, but goldfish can stand a little filth.

    Clown loaches are my favorite cleaner fish (like catfish). They are just goofy and fun.

    Guppies and mollies have live babies. Which can be fun, but then, mine always ate their babies before they grew up.

    Mollies can be somewhat sickly, too.

    Platies, on the other hand, are a lot like mollies, but without the aforementioned problems!

    Tetras are pretty, and cheap, and live in schools, but really don’t have much personality.

    Generally if you want a low maintenance, healthy, fun fish, go with the medium-priced goldfish. But experimenting is fun too! You can’t go too wrong with fish… can you?

    Just my two… or perhaps 14 cents.

  3. betas can’t live with other betas, but I found that with neon tetras they did quite nicely. Loaches are good cleaners but are expensive.

    Goldfish are great, but I’ve had the more expensive kind die quicker than the cheap 1 cents ones that you’re supposed to feed to pirahnas.

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