Day’s Verse:

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

Ps. 21:23


Being home feels very strange although I only left for a week. I adjusted just enough to London to dodge people on the street the wrong way and to double all prices. We went to Price Chopper this morning quite early – a result of our waking up at 5:30 – and I felt refreshed to look at prices and know their values. Payinig $67 for groceries made me exceedingly happy, for it was actually sixty-seven dollars taken from our account. We also walked to Clark a rather windy way in the hopes of obtaining Ian’s phone sooner than tomorrow, but to no avail. All life at the school consisted of a large troupe of middle-aged, saggy women enjoying a motivational speaker up in Tilton – and telling each other serious secrets in the bathroom, which I so rudely interrupted in search of something to blow my nose on. Sadly I’ve attempted, and mostly failed, to study for my upcoming midterms. I anticipate many wasted hours “studying” in the near future.

The greatest adjustment is to having Ian home, though. I’d fully assimilated the living alone lifestyle, little though I liked it; accomodating another person forces another difficult but more welcome readjustment. It’s great to be home and have Ian here: I do finally feel like life can return to how God meant it to be. Even so, I can’t say the last two months shouldn’t have happened, because in that time we’ve both grown a great deal – learned to be ourselves and independent of one another while still being a couple. I’ve been forced to listen to the Father’s voice, and to my amazement have found that He does indeed speak, albeit quietly. My greatest fear now is that we’ll slip back into how we behaved before the trip and all those leaps and gains will die a quiet, painless death. God willing all our recently acquired good habits will replace more engrained bad ones.

– KF –

One thought on “The Maggie Turn Bartleby Pudd’nhead Time

  1. May you two enjoy learning about the ways God has grown each of you individually… and may you both grow even more as you explore ways to become a “new” couple, even more the way God intends for you to be.
    Welcome home!

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