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Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27


This blog has addressed the issue of same sex marriage in Feb. 16th’s entry. Now the question has been brought closer to home yet again by the United Methodist Church’s trial concerning an ordained minister of the church who recently came out of the closet. The Seattle Times also reports.

There’s something strange in the world when we must begin debating issues that are blatantly wrong. We wouldn’t allow a minister to continue in an openly adulterous relationship, would we? Or tolerate a pedophilic priest?

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  1. The second one, no, I don’t think we would. But the first (openly aduterous), unfortunatly I COULD see that happening. Keep in mind, if those in the church are supporting the “pastor” then they aren’t really there for the right reasons in the first place. What better way to undermine the church than from the inside out?

  2. I’m United Methodist, and I honestly don’t really see the big deal with all this. They need to let people be people. If someone became an ordained minister and is now only being judged because of his sexuality, that’s like saying let’s not have black ministers or something. This whole big deal about gay marriage and problems with gay people puts me at the end of my rope sometimes.

  3. The big deal is that the Bible, God’s Word says that homosexuality is wrong. Letting people be people is fine, but it’s not just an issue of letting people be people.

    If you (the generic you) believe the Bible is God’s Word, that the Bible is true, and that it contains commandments on how you should live life then you should also believe that homosexual acts are wrong. Therefore, a minister should also believe that homosexual acts are wrong because he believes that the Bible is God’s Word.

    I’m making two assumptions here. 1) That you (again the generic you) are a Christian and 2) you believe the Bible is true. If you don’t meet both these criteria, then don’t even bother posting about absolute versus relative ethics/morals or anything like that because that?s not the issue. If anyone wants to have a serious discussion on this I’ll provide actual verses to back up my claim later. But only for serious debaters. I refuse to get involved in a screaming match.

  4. Les – the problem I have is as Ian said: that the Bible specifically prohibits homosexuality and labels it as a sin. If a person is a Christian and believes in the Bible – as this minister claims to – then she must admit that her actions are sinful. The Bible calls Christians to be like Christ, who was free of sin; therefore, if we’re harboring sin in our lives it’s a Christian’s job to try to eradicate that (the great part is, that since it’s not humanly possible to do that, Christ died for us to cover up those sins and God sees us as pure and blameless because of that sacrifice).

    The minister in the United Methodist church is effectively petitioning for homosexuality to not be a sin and no human can grant that.

  5. ok. I just got the impression I was being reprimanded or something, heh. I wasn’t trying to start some big deal. I understand where you’re coming from, and everyone definitely has a right to his or her thoughts.

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