So… the pertinent question is, will WPI give me any merit-based financial aid? If everybody who reads this crosses their fingers, maybe they will.

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Aid?

  1. Er… yeah… about that… I honestly am planning on shipping the stuff. Truly. I just kept waiting to get a box it fit in, and none has magically materialized out of the air. I guess I may have to actually find one, but I promise it will get sent BEFORE I leave. Honest.

  2. Shhheah, maybe they’ll think you’re an incoming freshman and dangle a worm of a huge scholarship over your head, then take it away the rest of your time here. Not that that happens to anybody.

  3. “Hello Katie –

    Unfortunately, we do not offer merit scholarships to transfer students so they are all need-based! I wish I had better news on that front!”

    – Email from Michael “Wet-Fish-Handshake” Smith, Transfer Admissions

    …I just burned $22,000. Very bad feeling.

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