Food for Thought. But Mostly Food.


Day’s Verse:

Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.

Ps. 62:8


Thank God for designing bodies that recover quickly. Thirty-eight hours ago I was out for the count, but today me and my trusty roll of toilet-paper (in lieu of Kleenex) have survived one class and four hours of wakefulness with only a minimum of suffering.

In Analytic Reasoning today a group boringly presented Chapter 12 – the most remarkable thing about the whole presentation being that it covered important omitted details, and one of their group members was mysteriously absent. The irony of that situation – their omitting a group member while talking about omitted information – struck me more than anything else. However, as they finished ten minutes early, the professor took over and began a class discussion on cell phones. She first asked about who in the class owned an iPod (nobody) and moved on to a more universal topic when she found few respondents: “How many people have cell phones?” she asked; five or fewer hands remained down. To my shame, my honesty compelled me to raise mine, though I did just get it in August to communicate with my husband. Continue Reading >>