Dwelling in the Light of Setting Suns


Day’s Verse:

For with God nothing will be impossible.

Luke 1:37


We set up a webcam in our room, facing from my desk to Ian’s, but it is not online and we just play with it so far. Here is a picture whose brighness and contrast I tweaked a bit. Imagine if people saw the world this way: little color discrimination, deep patches of light and dark, and overpowering colors. Oh, my eyes.

“I’ll get back to my procrastinating,” I told Dad as we said good-bye. He laughed, but little did he realize that he had complicitly aided me, for between my two parents I spent over two hours on the phone talking. Frying my brain on microwaves, Mom probably thought. Hopefully I receive less damage from my weekly cell phone conversations than I would getting my head irradiated just to look at my teeth. Continue Reading >>