First off, no, I did not type-o; I mean for it to be OnlyWriting. Because two words jammed together, that are different colors, is classy and sophisticated and new.

Second, I think that OnlyWriting would actually be best as a group-writing blog. My idea is this: for our budding writer friends, this would be a place to occasionally post a piece of writing – story, poetry, essay – and receive instant feedback. Somewhat like the DeskDrawer, but less demanding and more avaliable to the public. Whatever public finds it, that is.

Please help me make this a success! If you think you would like to occasionally post some bit of writing on a writing-centered webpage, this is the thing for you! Leave me a comment about it and we can figure something out. Also, do me a favor and let your friends who are interested in writing know about this, and maybe put a link to it ( on your blog/web site so it can become well-known.

Thanks for helping get this plane off the ground!

– KF –

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