I am posting now, just a few hours after my last one, because as of the time I leave the Ferguson residence I will not have any appreciable computer access. We fly tomorrow to celebrate Nana and Grandpa Koskovich being married for 50 years, a remarkable feat that Ian and I plan to accomplish as well.

My talk with Jeanne Chowning at NWABR went alright, though they will not hire me for the summer. She said they might find me a few weeks’ work somewhere; the only really productive part of the excursion to Seattle was that Jeanne said she knew about 10 people heavily involved in science and writing, and that she would give me their names. So not entirely in vain, if mostly so.

Au revoir until next week – we five shall join with the rest of my mother’s family for a weekend of craziness… and if we’re exceedingly lucky, maybe a fun day at Disneyland, too!

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Off and Gone Forever

  1. Hi Katie! If you have a chance to check this… this Sunday the youth group will be at the Relay for Life! Call me if you going to be back so we can go!

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