Three conflicting parties, all today, after a long stretch of nothing interesting whatsoever.

Six more cat-stranglings.

Six more days of question-answering (“So if X + Y = 40, and X = 2Y…

how do I solve this again?”)

12 more days until Dad and my four-day trek.

18 more days of Washington gorgeousness.

Funny how, as the summer ends, everything’s drawing to a neat and

tidy close. If only! – I lost the spare key to the person’s condo

we’re housesitting in, and if we don’t find it before Saturday she

will absolutely flip out — get new locks on her doors and everything.

I want to tell her, “You’re not in New Jersey anymore. People don’t

lurk around waiting to steal your 9-year-old Mac. You can leave you

windows unlocked and open without worrying about it.”

On a completely different note, I figured that since this site gets so much readership, I would publicize Talk Like a Pirate Day – yet another fantastically wacky idea that deserves to catch on. Also, is Puzzle Pirates still a raging sensation in the online-gaming world, or has that died down?

– KF –

PS – I never realized how inconsiderate high schoolers could be until I noticed this situation: a group of diligent students/grads are working with the “custodian” to get BCS spic-n-span for the start of school. Our summer school kids unthinkingly throw unripe fruit from the trees outside around inside – a potential mess that negates much of the careful scrubbing/painting/carpet-soaking. Makes you pause, cause they never think of it; they feel “entitled” to a beautiful school no matter what their actions are.

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