Day’s Verse:

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Ps. 28:6-7


An email arrived at my inbox yesterday titled “final credit list – Paul Tessier – pending.xls”, from Michael Smith at WPI. Heart-in-throat I clicked the attachment; heart-in-toes I read that they credited me only 10 classes, leaving me in limbo somewhere between Freshman and Sophomore status. Freshmen at WPI complete 12 classes by the end of their first year.

A kick in the gut kind of feeling; a hopes-dashed kind of feeling; a reality check? Though I was assured unofficially I could graduate with my classmates in 2006, nobody with any actual power said so. Thus change in our life comes, as a sudden uppercut to the jaw or an insidious slide from hope to realism. Much prayer and debate will occur before I decide a course of action. These choices, foisted upon me unwilling, seem coldhearted and cruel: know your desired life and make the choices to tread that path in a virtual heartbeat. But I know only that I want to do God’s will. He can take any situation and work His good from it, I think, so that whether I take my time at WPI or return to Clark, in ultimatum God’s plan will come to fruitition.

– KF –

7 thoughts on “Faux Credit

  1. they only counted 8 of my classes, so I’m going to the registrar’s office first thing to argue the remaining 4 plus other things. The classes they didn’t include have the exact equivalents at WPI, so there’s no reason why that didn’t work, and I’d say the same most likely goes for you. we can go together if you like!

    Please let me know what your thoughts are and your decision process. I will miss you dearly if you’re not at WPI, but I will see you very often whether you’re enrolling or not. Cookies will still be baked, and I’ll love ya just as much either way. : )

  2. OK I found out some important stuff about this. The way they do transfer credits is this: each department looks at the transfer student’s classes in their department and decides if the class the student took at their old school counts for a WPI class. I took Chem 101 and Chem 102 at Clark and they didn’t give me transfer credits, which puzzled me: intro to chem is pretty much the same in every school. So I called them, and lo and behold nobody in the WPI chem department had any clue I needed transfer credits. Bottom line: probably you have the same problem I have, namely that bureaucracy is a pain and the Admissions office didn’t communicate clearly with academic offices.

    So when we’re both back in Woo, let’s hit up the Registrar’s office for some transfer-credit paperwork and get crackin’!

  3. woohoo, I’m in! if we go together there’ll be strength in numbers, and obviously it’ll be way more fun that way. Hm, considering it’s probably not fun to begin with, I guess ‘more fun’ wouldn’t qualify, so… it’ll be fun! haha

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