Doing My Civic Duty


Day’s Verse:

Now God gave Solomon wisdom and very great discernment and breath of mind, like the sand that is on the seashore.

1 Kings 4:29


God blessed Solomon richly in wisdom as well as worldly goods; our prayer should be, as Solomon’s, not to seek after what the world says is important—wealth, friends, etc.—but to ask God for His wisdom. Everything else will come in line when God guides our steps.

On a totally different topic, I did my civic duty, read the Voter’s Pamphlet, and filled out my absentee ballot. I will say that I did not vote for Mike the Mover, however much I was inclined to. Something about his idea to offer amnesty to all military personnel who don’t want to be fighting…no, this man wouldn’t be a very good governor. Frankly, I was surprised by how long it took to vote, and by the things people thought were important enough to include in their paragraph in the Pamphlet. Who cares if you’ve been married to your high school sweetheart for 25 years? The real question is, would you be a good Supreme Court Judge? Also I found the propensity to make huge, sweeping promises rather unnerving. It’s obvious that these people running for small offices (Superintendent of Public Education, for instance) can’t overhaul the educational system and refinance it completely. I wish that people running for office would be more realistic about their goals, rather than overstating the “changes” they’ll make. A little modesty and realism, please! Continue Reading >>