You can now buy Not Quite Newsworthy stuff! I think this is really cool. I did NOT mark up any of the prices from what their base price was — this store is entirely for people who like the logo I designed or who want to help promote my site while making one cool fashion statement. A NQN shirt would also make a neat gift.

I bought a T-shirt for myself, and it’s very cool. Honestly, though, I would be amazed if anybody bought a shirt with my design on it. They aren’t expensive, but I have the feeling that nobody who reads this would pay for something like that… partly because so few people actually read this, and those who do are (no offense) not the type to ‘waste’ money on a cool but not very useful thing like a NQN shirt or Not Quite Newsworthy sweatshirt. Well, I can only hope!

…I wonder what my family will be getting this Christmas? 😉

– KF –

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