At Ian’s behest, I have set up a store at for Got Marriage. Unfortunately its url is totally unmemorable, but here is a link. Once again, no price markups because the point is not to make money. Frankly, Ian and I just wanted cool clothes to wear that had our own web sites on it and we figured hey, why not make a shop? It’s free, it’s easy, and maybe (randomly) somebody else likes our site so much, or our logo so much, that they’ll want a shirt with Got Marriage? on it too!

Ian and I have a bet going: in the next month, I predict 0 people will buy anything from either of these shops. Ian, ever the optimist, has predicte one purchase. I can’t imagine who, since we agreed to discount our own purchases…

– KF –

One thought on “Buy Got Marriage Shirts

  1. What a cool idea! Virtually anyone can have anything printed on a shirt, even if only just one. I don’t wear T-shirts hardly even but I might want one of these!

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