Day’s Verse:

But woe to you who are rich, for you ar receiving your comfort in full.

Luke 6:24


Unfortunately, I have had little time to devote to web surfing for Not Quite Newsworthy. Class consumes it all. But I turned in the IQP draft today. Although it is only the draft, what a relief to turn in that 92 page document! I handed it over this morning to the Management office secretary with instructions to put it in Prof. Daneels’ box; now it is out of our hands. Although we could write more, I will wait a bit for his response… or at least until tomorrow.

Last night I went to a basic skills review session for Calculus 1. The professor reviewed the basic skills exam from last year, and although he did not go over it, I was motivated to look at a related rates problem from that exam. This is the question:

A water tank is in the shape of a cone 20 feet high witha radius at the top of 5 feet. Water is running out of the bottom of the tak at a constant rate of 2 cubic feet per minute. How fast is the water level falling when the water is 8 feet deep? (The volume of a cone is V = (1/3)?(r^2)h.)

I worked the problem and got an answer. Ian and I checked it over and verified that I had indeed found the correct solution in terms of ?. I was happy that I did a related rates problem right and thought no more of it that night. Today, however, as I scanned my math quiz that very problem made an appearance! Thankfully I simply reworked the steps I had done last night, found the same answer – hopefully the actual right answer! On the sad side, however, I realized I made yet another dumb mistake on a problem that I had done for homework and that he put on the quiz. Darn.

Interesting fact: My math professor, J.J. Malone, was a philosophy minor.

I asked Lesley yesterday what she had been doing besides school. It took her a long time to think of anything and it took me longer when she reciprocated the question. What are some fun things to do outside of schoolwork that do not involve screens or monitors?

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  1. I find interesting new recipes and cook ’em! Once I rode random buses around town and tried to get lost. Going to festivals or cultural things is fun too. And asking people questions about things they’re passionate about, then listening to them talk. Also taking care of houseplants or fish and planning parties, and I think I’m going to try yoga tapes. Oh, and of course reading. But you already knew that one. Or you could think of random, mysterious acts of kindness to do for people– that would be quite a hobby.

  2. Carlos Morales:

    Ph.D., Statistics, Boston University, 2002
    M.A., Philosophy, University of Houston, 1995
    B.A., Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Houston, 1992

    Prof. Larsen has a JD (Juris Doctor, law degree), and the notorious WWF was a chemeng undergraduate.

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