Day’s Verse:

“Now I know for sure that the Lord has sent forth His angel and rescued me…”

Acts 12:11a


Our 3-quart pot burned in an attempt to humidify the Pit of Despair. Normally I would say I blackened it, but actually by some strange alchemy the smooth black bottom transformed to a flaky white disaster. This makes me wonder if some metaphor for life is hidden in that sad event and the cost of its reparation, which hovers around $50.

Walking in the windy rain today, my sad little red-and-blue plaid umbrella (which usually receives mercy and stays dry in the garage in such inclement weather) flipped itself inside-out several times. I felt more sorry for the umbrella with tis spindly spider-legs struggling against the harsh gusts than I did for my occasional wetness.

In Biodiversity today I obtained a rubber fish by knowing that lichen is made of algae (and fungi, which I was unsure of and so did not say). The professor chucked it up into the stadium seating at me. Then I obtained another fish by knowing that cyanobacteria put oxygen in the air. Each fish can be redeemed for one point (of 300 total possible) at the end of class. Dr. Gibson is a hoot; I can see looking forward to his classes, however slightly scattered his lecture style may be.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “A Star In the Bottom of the Pot

  1. Ok, Ryan’s confused. If you’re at Tech Comm. major at a techy school, why are you taking Biodiversity (besides it’d be a cool class, of course)?

  2. Because I can take any technical class I want at WPI and count it towards my major – I come out with a BS, and have to take 18 science classes. I prefer bio classes to chem, physics, or math. Hence biodiversity.

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