I have been feeling lately that this web site design is getting a little old, that it needs some freshening or sprucing up. My questions:

1. Should we (I) change it?

2. Should Ian and I keep our blogs together on this page with the large disparity in our updating rates, or would two separate blogs be better?

3. What kind of design would look better?

Leave comments, suggestions, etcetera. I would greatly appreciate your iiiinnnnnnnput.

Update: Click this link to see a potential design I have come up with. If possible, I would be able to change the picture in the background. Now if only I had some idea how to do that…

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Blog Modifications

  1. I think it’s fine. I do not subscribe to the “6 months = stale” theory of websites. I think that idea is promulgated by web designers who need more work. I haven’t looked at your new idea yet though, so maybe I’ll change my mind when I do.

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