Day’s Verse:

Did You not pour me out like milk and curdle me like cheese; clothe me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews?

Job 10:10-11


Alright, the joke is only funny if you know that humans are deuterostomes. I can hardly help sharing things that make me smirk. So sue me.

Pre SPC Meeting: Rather nervous, and also miffed at self for leaving nice black overshirt at home from Christmas break. The lack of the black shirt means I have to go more casual than I would have liked, and now I wonder if I will be underdressed (not to be mistaken with undressed).

Post SPC Meeting: Was definitely underdressed, but still people forgave me and probably just told themselves I was a student and students rarely dress that nicely. I met more writers, photographers, PR Directors, and technical communicators in two hours than I have in the sum total of the rest of my life. They all said nice things about me, and best of all – the scholarship was $1,000, when I thought it would be like $100. And it turns out I am now an honorary member of the Society of Professional Communicators. The speakers for this meeting were two photographers from the Telegram & Gazette, and they talked about digital photography and how it is changing the way newspaper photographers go about their business. Also on a random note they had a raffle and one lady won two things. So she gave me a $25 gift certificate to an organic food store called Tip Top, which unfortunately is in a town called Brookfield, 18 miles away. Overall I would rate the meeting a positive albeit highly uncomfortable experience for a 20-year-old student looking to get into the technical writing field. Did I mention they were nearly all middle-aged women? I felt distinctly young and inexperienced. Continue Reading >>