On Naturopathy

Day’s Verse:
“I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of covenant between Me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:13

I am a science person. I love the scientific method, its reliability, its procedures, its time-honored reliability. I cannot and will not claim to be impartial on the subject of MD’s versus naturopathy; right now I candidly confess a strong bias in favor of MD’s. I trust physicians for several reasons. First, they undergo extremely rigorous training to learn their craft. This winnows out the unreliable candidates and allows only the most competent doctors to treat patients, a fact that I find comforting. Second, modern medicine is based in careful scientific experimentation, following standard processes to ensure that each medical procedure is reliable. For example, the AMA discusses research in genetics and molecular medicine as well as in infectious diseases. Far from simply the weight of tradition to carry trust, the medical procedures practiced today have undergone rigorous testing. Third, the medicines that doctors prescribe undergo a similar process to the medical procedures as discussed above. There is a standard four-phase process which all medicines undergo before they reach the public; most new drugs do not reach the market, having failed to pass earlier phase benchmarks. The rigorous scientifically-based nature of modern medicine inspires my confidence despite the fact that science is flawed. Continue Reading >>