Day’s Verse:
Encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.
Titus 2:4

I suddenly realized that my life is not only pathetically boring, but it is also totally devoid of any semblance of, well, life. People go to parties, spend time with friends, get out of Worcester, have things to tell each other. I studiously pursue homework, then when that is done I do more homework, then maybe I watch a Star Trek or Babylon 5 with the only two people I ever see.

This is bad, and it is all my fault.

And I still cannot decide about going to London E-term. Mom says no, Ian says yes. Great.

– KF –

9 thoughts on “Be Sensible.

  1. You do exactly what will make YOU the happiest. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else says. It can be helpful input, but it is ultimately your choice.

    In regards to not going out and doing more things, it’s never too late to change. From previous posts of yours you sometimes seem a bit bitter toward those who are more social, namely the party-goers and such. But I think that it might be worth forfeiting a revision now and then to get involved with some clubs or hang out!

    These are 4 years of your life to learn, but to also have fun and enrich yourself culturally and socially. This again ties in to doing what makes you the happiest. : )

  2. I’d be happy to sit and read books all day! Or drop everything and fly home, go for some nice hikes in the snowless mudtains – I mean mountains.

    Why are the most fun things to do also the least responsible things? Or another way, why can’t responsibilities be fun? *Sigh*

  3. Life seems to have seasons–if this is not the time for fun and people and social events, that time will come. (Although we should always have some balance.)

  4. for ever “best weekend ever” there are plenty where i do nothing but watch “the fabulous life of paris hilton” on vh1 and barely bother to shower. literally i have seen it 8 times. did you know she wears a size eleven shoe?

  5. its not like i like paris hilton, or am particularly interested in the price of the sweaters she buys for her dogs, but if it happens to be on i cannot resist watching it.

    also vh1 has two types of programs “celebrity butt kissing” shows and “celebrity mocking” shows. the fabulous life of paris hilton is a butt kissing show.

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