Day’s Verse:
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

I took this picture on a hike with Dad over spring break. We paused on the way back and I noticed this cute little pile of rocks some hiker left behind. As I pointed it out to Dad, our dog expressed her interest by knocking the pile over with her huge schnozz. I had to rebuild it before I took the picture.

On Thursday I took the biology exam after intensive studying, and still some of the multiple choice questions eluded me. Frustrating! Students absolutely packed the classroom, an interesting switch from the usually quasi-packed room. But the professor kindly “invited” us to attend class on Friday too; only about 1/3 of the class took him up on that offer. Interestingly a girl I think of as the The Really Tan Boob Girl has showed up meticulously every day! She’s a small, thin, curly-haired blonde who wears tight shirts with fantastically plunging necklines, tight pants or skirts, spiky heels, and speaks in a Barbie-like squeak. Boys swoon in attendance to her and I feel like a philistine sitting near her. But I’m happy in my hiking boots, jeans, T-shirts, REI jacket without the obnoxious buzzing of hovering desperate boys. Just think what she cannot do: go out and just spend time alone; work quietly in the library without guys gasping at her boobs; do anything without flaunting herself.

I mentioned the RTBG in the women’s Bible Study on Wednesday and just by her title several of the other women recognized exactly who I was talking about. Wow. It really makes me appreciate my looks, my clothing style, and my life.

– KF –

One thought on “The RTBG and Me

  1. Well, sounds like she’d fit right in with the 1,000’s of sorority girls at UW! Though none of them are in the Architecture department, thank God. Don’t you wonder how they stay warm?

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