Day’s Verse:
Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

Remember how last London orientation meeting I said it was a waste of time? I had no idea that a meeting could waste time worse than the other one, but somehow the talker lady far, far surpassed the uselessness of the previous meeting. In this meeting she gave us a 50 page book containing every concievable detail regarding going abroad generally and to London specifically. Helpful enough; except then she proceeded to read the entire book to us. She read a section aloud, then rephrased it and emphasized the point by saying it again.

Ironically I now know that the ISIC card will pay for my dead body to be transported back to the United States and that I could get HIV not only from unprotected sex with strangers in London, but also from tattoos or body piercings I might want to get to commemorate my trip. Also I learned that I would be a moron to rent a car in London, that Z is called zed in Britain, that I can’t just meet a stranger on the street and spend the night with him/her (we have to sleep weekdays in the WPI housing), and that if I get caught doing drugs in London WPI will send me letters while I serve my prison time.

What I did NOT learn is exactly how the Oyster card works, whether I have to pay for that myself or if WPI does somehow, whether or not I have my own WPI-issued laptop, when or how I get my ISIC card, how to get the laptop and cell phone from the ATC (although I know that they will charge me $50 a day late fee and that if either one comes to any harm due to my gross negligence I then “own” – her word – the item), or who our whole group consists of, since one member never showed up.

On a less time-wasting topic, I snapped the picture on the drive Karissa and I took the other day. This nursery had trees all lined up and spaced out perfectly, and a bicycle filled the gap between each tree: Tree-bike-tree-bike-tree-bike. It was very odd, and where did the bikes come from? Is this where bikes go when they die?

– KF –

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  1. If reading the book wasn’t bad enough, she proceeded to repeat the same, obvious fact a good three or four times. It was a waste of a meeting, big time.

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