Day’s Verse:
The righteous man will be glad in the Lord and will take refuge in Him; and all the upright in heart will glory.

…the woe part being that I went all the way to Commonside, thankfully without incident, and nobody answered the door! That’s because I forgot that Suzanne would be in north London all morning, although I did remmeber Selena would be gone. I rang the bell and waited; it’s such a tiny building if anybody had been there (unless they were in the bathroom) they would have heard the buzzer easily. I rang the bell again and looked through the mail slot, seeing no sign of activity whatsoever. So I walked back to the bus stop, caught the 118, got off at Morden and tubed my way back. It only took an hour during the off-peak hours, probably because the bus didn’t get flagged at every possible stop on the way to Morden.

I’ve spent the last four hours designing a newsletter according to Selena’s specifications, as well as redesigning the front of their webpage. Unfortunately I can’t touch the real frontpage, but if they can incorporate some of my revisions I think it would help a lot. Then again, just ditching the frames and bottom scroll buttons would do a world of good for that site.

This whole public transportation business has given me the opportunity to see some really interesting people. Like the businessman in a snappy black suit wearing a striking pink tie. Or the Jesus-preaching guy in Camden Town – skinnier than a rail, tanned dark brown, long beard, bright neon traffic vest. Or the girl in boots with soles that were at least 6″ tall. Or the other girl all in black, with a black-and-red velvet cape on. Or the lady I glimpsed out of a bus window: she was rather large, wearing a low-cut purple shirt that exposed tatooed ample bosom. Her ankle was also tatooed, but her hair really caught my attention initially. She had bleached the top half totally white, which stood on end because it was about 3″ long, while she had dyed the bottom half bright, eye-wrenching red. Not redhead-red; fire-engine red. This is one fun part of living in a city like this that you miss out in in Worcester, alright!

2 thoughts on “More Transportation Woes

  1. It wasn’t a day off, and they told me oon Monday. I forgot about it; apparently it was business, just elsewhere. That’s what happens when I don’t have my calendar!

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