St. Paul’s Cathedral, Lucian Freud, and a Fire Tower

Day’s Verse:
God be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us…
Psalm 67:1

We went to church at St. Paul’s Cathedral today. My first Anglican Eucharist, which I actually found lovely. I had some trouble finding the entrance, which sounds odd until you realize it is an enormous building with at least six different sets of doors, only one of which remains open. I accidentally visited the crypt on my search for the doors, and would have liked to investigate more but didn’t want to miss the service. I arrived just at the end of Mattins. At first I started looking for Delorey, but an official fellow in a fantastic black jacket with enormous tails, and wearing a red ribbon from which hung an enormous round medal with crossed swords on it, told me that there was “No looking for friends during the service,” and he politely pointed me towards the nearest seat. When Mattins ended he came up and told me, “Now is the time to look for your friend,” and commented that it was not the best place to meet somebody. I heartily agree, especially when that person actually wasn’t there at when they said. So I moved to a seat near the front directly off the aisle; moments later Delorey, Chris, and Mike appeared, and the service began not long after. Continue Reading >>