Brompton Oratory and Hyde Park

Day’s Verse:
Yet God is my king from of old, who works deeds of deliverance in the midst of the earth.
Psalm 74:12

I went to the Brompton Oratory with Chris and Mike this morning for High Latin Mass. We met up with our advisor, John, and underwent quite the High Church experience, complete with three gold-robed officials (they had black hats but I don’t know their rank) and plenty of incense. They conducted the whole service in Latin except for the scripture readings; the congregation responded in Latin. The altar “boys” wore long black robes with white lacy shirt-things over top. Apparently their robes were especially lacy because Mary is their patron. It did make pretty much all other church services look like BBQs, left my jacket smelling of incense, and me feeling uncouth and provincial. Nobody’s ever even heard of my denomination, but these guys have centuries of tradition and millions of worshippers to back them. It was…quite an experience. I’m getting lots of those this trip. Continue Reading >>