Day’s Verse:
“You called in trouble and I rescued you;
I answered you in the hiding place of thunder;
I proved you at the waters of Meribah.”

Psalm 81:7

I’m just wondering: why is life not fair?

Everybody takes it for such a given, as if saying “Well, life isn’t fair, you know,” somehow explains something. Sure, I see that life isn’t fair, but why not?

In any case, because of life’s unfairness, I’ve added a MakePovertyHistory banner/link in the corner of my blog. Although this a primarily UK movement (the US has a smaller movement called One), I think has real merit. The basic idea is to push first-world countries and organizations like the World Bank to forgive much of the third-world’s debt. That way those countries can start putting their money towards meeting more important needs: education, healthcare, food, public utilities, environmental protection, increasing infrastructure, and generally raising the standard of living. Although my focus tends to primarly be on the environment, supporting the push to alleviate poverty parallels environmental protection because third world countries would no longer need to rely on selling off their natural resources to multinational corporations in an attempt to repay debt incurred. Once people can stop worrying about the next meal, they can start worrying about secondary concerns, including environmental protection.

2 thoughts on “Make Poverty History

  1. You are 3/5 of the way through your trip already… wow! Are these cignets in the picture you posted? That looks like an adult swan beside them.

    Colleen and I are off for a jaunt to The City to see Uncle Gerard and Jean Metcalfe. 36 hours away from our little hermitage in the ‘burbs.’
    I’ll try to remember to eat with my left hand, so I am not spotted; but my Lands End/Eddie Bauer look will probably give me away…

  2. In fact they are cygnets.

    While I was taking the picture a family with young kids stood and watched them as well, and the mom kept telling her son, “Those are cygnets. Say ‘cygnet’.” So I got a refresher on the name for baby swans, too. 🙂

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