Premier Bus Tour of Everything

Day’s Verse:
Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
that glory may dwell in our land.


My long day started early this morning, at 2:50 am when the laughing conversation of the girls next door awoke me. Annoyed at their inconsiderate behavior, which had gone on from the moment they arrived, I got up and asked them to please remember that we had very thin walls and to please not be the Americans everybody hates because they’re so loud. As I went back to my room, one of the girls stage-whispered, “You’re loud too!” When I got back in bed that comment haunted me and I lay there for a long time wondering if I behaved any better than my neighbors. A fitful two and a half hours later I got up for good, did my morning stuff, prepared myself a bag lunch, and was ready to spend the day on the bus tour Delorey arranged for us. The group originally was meant to be Chris, Mike, Ryan, myself, and Delorey; but Chris woke up too sick to accompany us, and I had to wake Ryan up to leave at 6:35. He threw clothes on and made it, looking a little disheveled. Continue Reading >>