Day’s Verse:
Of old You founded the earth,
And the heavens are the work of Your hands.
Even they will perish, but You endure.

Psalm 102:25-26

When I got up yesterday somebody had put the frying pan away right on top of my bananas. Edge down, too, so it just cut right into them. Then when I moved the frying pan, somebody put a pot away right on top of those same poor bananas! So I ate the worst-squished ones, figuring that they’d really never be fresher (thanks, Mom!). It’s a hard life as fruit, I’ll tell ya.

Yesterday Chris and Mike presented their IQP. They had analyzed the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society web site and created a much more attractive new web site after much travail. The meeting took place at Delorey’s flat, where we enjoyed delicious nibbly food, and everybody else enjoyed lots of alcohol in one form or another. I, unfortunately, hauled in to Delorey’s soaked head to toe from the monsoon-like rain that accosted me as soon as I stepped outside of the Warwick Avenue tube station. I had worn light, quick-dry pants and flip-flops, so the wetness didn’t bother me that much; I just felt bad looking like a half-drowned rat at their final presentation.

In contrast to my soaked t-shirt and pants look, Chris and Mike wore suits. They appeared rather uncomfortable – Chris like a lawyer in black suit, white shirt, and purple tie, while Mike rather emulated a used-car salesman (due, we decided, to the fact none of the pieces of his outfit matched – khaki slacks, pale blue shirt, dark blue tweedy looking jacket – although his blue-and-brown tie held the ensemble together). I think the disease stemmed more from anxiety, though. Although I could have done without knowing many of the details of their presentation, and had little interest in learning how to use their webpage updating tool, I thought they did a fantastic job. Both worked exceedingly hard the last couple days before; we barely saw or spoke to them, although Mike had time to see Phantom of the Opera

Back on track. Four people from the SASS came, and three had to be gay. I knew two were for sure, as one fellow kept hitting on Delorey. One woman, Helga, struck me as simply over-the-top nuts. Not just possibly lesbian – what cued me in? Possibly the buzz cut, or perhaps it was the tie and button-down shirt – but her behavior could hardly have grated on our nerves more. She talked incessantly, constantly interrupting the guys’ presentation so they rarely talked through one slide without some comment. She latched on to people and had zero social eptness. I felt bad for her but also avoided her as much as I could. Yet she wasn’t alone in her interrupting: all the SASS people (rudely, I thought) kept stopping the speaker to offer an idea or comment, and often this started an entire discussion among the SASS people. The presentation took ages because of this, until I was ready to smack Helga upside the head and tell the rest to please just shut up and listen politely. Honestly. But they all loved what the guys had done, and many words were later spoken about an ongoing relationship between the SASS and WPI, so I’d say their presentation was a success. They did a good job, at least.

Their experience made me really appreciate not having to present my MQP. Which is nearly finished. I need to speak to Selena and Suzanne about one thing for my paper; then on Thursday at 4:00 we have a Farewell Tea somewhere in Wimbledon. And then I will leave and that’ll be it. I’m going to miss working with them and getting to know them. What wonderful people, and what a blessing that God gave me the courage to come, to do this, and to have all these experiences.

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