Day’s Verse:
I seek You with all my heart;
Do not let me stray from Your commands.
I have hidden Your word in my heart
That I might not sin against You.

Psalm 119: 10-11

Slug ZoneThe plane stayed in the air. That’s the best I can say of it and the less said the better. My night looked up at the airport when Mom and my longtime friend Zoe found me at the baggage claim; Zoe had spent a semester in Florence and we enjoyed our chat on the way home. I woke up at 5:00 this morning, but thankfully dozed until 6:30.

I went to Woodinville Alliance with my parents and found it far more enjoyable and worshipful than I expected. When we got back, Mom and I and Mom’s friend Melissa went to the new Bigger, Better, More Terrifying Safeway. They remodeled it, doubling the floor space and changing beyond recognition. I felt like I’d been transported to the Bellevue (much more posh than my neighborhood) just by stepping in the doors. There we purchased expensive cheeses, crackers, smoothie, and salad fixings for a birthday lunch for Colleen and Melissa (July 16 and 18, respectively). Of course when we got home we had to prepare all of that, which gave Colleen and her boyfriend Peter the opportunity to get back from a later church service. When everybody was assembled I passed out the gifts I purchased for them in London, and opened the gift they had waiting for me: it included a book called Fly, as a joke relating to my fly-murder, and a Giant Microbe bedbug.

We ate a merry meal of the type I cannot find anywhere but with my family. It felt wonderful to sit and eat spinach salad and crackers and cheese with people I love so deeply. And being in Washington again is a balm to my Worcester-raw heart. Then we, barring Melissa, went and saw Batman Begins, which I found thoroughly amusing if depressingly dark. Why can’t tortured superheroes ever get the girl in the end?

Immediately after that I went over to the Ferguson household, where they had just finished a dinner celebrating my MIL’s birthday (July 8). I gave her her stamps and tea, which she received with grace. We talked – or rather, I talked, and they asked questions. Suan Lee, a dear friend of MIL’s from Australia, had come up for a birthday surprise; she and MIL are going tomorrow to get tattoos. This is very risque and exciting for them, and I admire their bravery!

And now here I am, at 9:15, ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow at 8:00 am I start working at BCS, and Tuesday my NWABR stint starts. And I am so tired already! After all, it feels like at least midnight, and I didn’t get to bed until what felt like 2 am yesterday. Oh, time zones! Is life really better with them? Do we really need time zones?

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