Day’s Verse:
Too long have I lived among those who hate peace.
I am a man of peace;
but when I speak, they are for war.

Psalm 120: 6-7

…it’s bringing it back that’s the hard part. – Lessons from the dog

I finished my time at NWABR yesterday, and have come to the firm belief that I certainly do NOT want to make copies and collate binders for a career. But the people are nice, and my contact, Jeanne Chowning, agreed to act as a reference for me and to look over my resume in the future. So I got the benefits I expected.

Ian came home yesterday. Mom and I left to pick him up at the airport mere momets after I arrived home from the bus ride back from NWABR, so I spent most of yesterday – from about 5:00 to 8:30 – transporting around. We found Ian without a problem at about 7:00 and he chattered away happily on the ride up to Lynnwood. He showed me the iPod mini that the SpinLab (that’s Ian’s site design) people gave him as a thank-you gift for volunteering. The iPod is silver and they engraved it with a thank-you. I was quite amazed at that kind of generosity. Anyway, he also instructed me on what to do with his dirty-laundry-filled suitcase (take out the nice clothes to reduce contamination, then shut the suitcase and fumigate it). In Lynnwood we dropped Ian off to join his friends for Ben’s bachelor party. Ben is marrying Lisa on Saturday, and Ian is one of the best men. I am happy because now some of our friends will also be married, lessening the weirdness of Ian and my union. We can blend in when other people our age are getting married as well, even if we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary on August 9th while everybody else has just started.

So we dropped Ian off to find his friends at the Shakespeare in the Park in Lynnwood. Thus began Mom and my brief adventure wandering around the suburbs of Lynnwood looking for Highway 99 or something recognizable. Eventually we did find 99 and made our way home, arriving home about 8:30. I got to spend one last night in the big bed alone, since Ian considerately stayed at his house due to the lateness of his bachelor partying. I have begun washing the noxious laundry infesting his suitcase, and can only hope that I have failed to shrink or otherwise damage his nice shirts. Even nice shirts need washing sometimes. They also need ironing, but nobody here knows how to do that, so Ian will be clean, if not wrinkle-free.

It’s absolutely true. I have not the foggiest idea how to iron anything more complex than napkins.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Ball is Easy…

  1. I agree with Deb,ironing is not that hard when you know how to do it,but easiest when it is dried a little in the dryer to lessen the wrinkles. Bring it over and I will show you how to do shirts.GMIL

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