Day’s Verse:
If You, Lord, should mark iniquities,
O Lord, who could stand?
But there is forgiveness with You,
That You may be feared.

Psalm 130:3-5

MossyYesterday Dad and I went to REI to look at sleeping bags. I wish to purchase my own, but found their average price tag of $200 rather off-putting. In addition, we looked at $30 titanium cups and $200 two-person backpacking tents. I think only the tent’s price fell in a range that I considered reasonable. Maybe I’ll ask for a sleeping bag for Christmas or my birthday next year. Also I learned that free weights sell for a little less than $1/pound, and that I wasn’t willing to pay about $15 for one 15-pound weight. So I’m stuck with 10- and 20-pound weights, while needing something kind of in the middle.

My friend Zoe came over yesterday afternoon as well. We played a thrilling game of doggie-challenge croquet, in which I came in 3rd and Zoe came in 4th. Dad and Ian clearly cheated. Then Zoe and I went and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Redmond Town Center. I found the film abhorrent in a difficult-to-verbalize way. I read the book as a child and have happy, innocent memories of the magical things that took place in the factory. The movie twisted the book into a perversion, where Willie Wonka is freakishly incapable of interacting with people who has ridiculous flashbacks to “horrible” memories of his dentist father. It lacked much of the playfulness inherent in the original book, instead coming off as creepy or sinister most of the time. Johnny Depp’s make-up and behavior mirrored Micheal Jackson’s far too closely and his acting turned Wonka into a psycho rather than a strange but kind old man (which is what I remember from the book). At 2 hours+ in length, I found Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a collossal disappointment and overly long to boot. I cannot fathom why critics have acclaimed it so highly.

The story ends happily, however: Zoe and I returned to my house to enjoy a dinner of freshly-made crepes, which turned out moderately well (it helps to put both cups of milk in at the right time, and not too much vanilla). Fresh blueberries at $2/box always spruce everything up.

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