Day’s Verse:
And hearing this, Jesus said to them,
“It is not those who are healthy who need a physician,
but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Mark 2:17

The PromDad and I cleaned out all our stuff from the Shi Shi beach trip the night we got home, laying out the tent and sleeping bags to dry from two nights of condensation. We washed our dishes, which only passed for clean while backpacking, and I hurriedly ran a load of laundry to clean clothes I needed the next day for our vacation to Seaside, OR.

Ian and I took 405 to his house, stopping briefly there to confirm details with his parents, then zoomed on down I-5. This long drive, following so closely on the heels of a six-hour drive from Neah Bay, soon lulled me to sleep. We stopped for lunch along the way, and I fell asleep again afterwards. I woke up to cross the Columbia River, then again passing through Astoria. After that I stayed awake to hear Ian denigrate GEARhart and into Seaside.

In Seaside we found clouds blown by a rather chilly wind, which mandated our swift change into long pants. Then we unpacked and took our first of many walks along the Prom(enade), a long sidewalk that stretches almost from one end of the beach to the other. At the main street, which perpendicularly intersects the Prom, we purchased ice cream from a store called Zinger’s. Turns out, we went back there twice more in that week for the delicious, generously-scooped ice cream in freshly homemade waffle cones.

Our days followed this pattern:

  • Wake up slowly.
  • Read lots of novels.
  • Walk on the Prom.
  • Eat ice cream or elephant ears.

We varied this routine by playing cribbage, which Ian taught me partway through the trip; taking a 9-mile hike from Indian Beach to Seaside; and visiting Canon Beach to look through art galleries. At the Jeffrey Hull gallery, Ian and I purchased two framed prints with an ultimate goal of collecting his paintings. In Canon Beach I also tried a sandwich called Aunt Tilly’s Garden. It contained (from bottom to top):

  • Cream cheese
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Tillamook cheddar cheese
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Red onion, and
  • Mayo

Amazingly, although I have historically disliked cucumber, tomato, and red onion, I found the sandwich delicious and interesting. Maybe the overall joy of the situation – being in a beautiful place, strolling sunny streets and gazing at beautiful pictures, with a loving husband – spilled over onto my taste buds.

On our second day in Seaside we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary (August 9!) by exchanging gifts: I gave Ian a Rotring drafting mechanical pencil, and he gave me a titanium hiking mug and donated money to a save-the-ANWR organization in my name. That day we spent strolling together, talking about our marriage, and in the evening we dressed up for a delicious Italian dinner. I enjoyed some strange potato-ball things in alfredo sauce (is there a name for those? Gnocci, or something?) and Ian had shrimp fettucini alfredo. For dessert we split a light, eggless custard with raspberries. So in all we enjoyed a peaceful anniversary in Seaside.

Later in the week, we joined his parents in a trip to Astoria, where the Astoria Regatta was taking place. We never saw much of the Regatta, but did take a fascinating tour of the USS Rushmore. The gun/munitions fellow expressed particular enthusiasm over his duty, talking animatedly about extremely fancy and expensive weapons. We learned that the Rushmore runs on Windows, possibly a concerning proposition… I found our lunch, taken later at an Astoria cafe, rather more interesting. There we ordered chips and actually got potato chips, rather than the French fries we expected.

On Sunday morning Deborah, Gary, Ian, and I went to a brunch together. Then Ian and I packed up and drove home to Kirkland. Monday I got up at 6:00 and started this working week, which ended yesterday. Today Mom and I enjoyed a breakfast out at the Maltby Cafe, then went through an arduous, four-bank process of exchanging my remaining British Pounds for US currency. Eventually we did get Travelex to exchange my money, though they charged me an $11 service fee. Bah! In any case, I deposited that immediately in our WaMu account, finishing the last errand left to do before we fly out tomorrow at midnight for Worcester. Hasta luego hasta Worcester.

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