Day’s Verse:
He spoke to them and said to them, “Take courage; it is I, do not be afraid.”
Mark 6:50

Are we too obsessed with information? Is there such a thing as an information addiction, and if so, how many of us have it?

How long are you willing to go without email? Without phone? Without any means of communication whatsoever? Without weather reports? Without Slashdot or online news sources? Without tracking your UPS packages daily?

Actually I have found that the longer you go without it, the easier it is to keep going. For instance, when dad and I go backpacking, I can easily spend those days without once concerning myself with whether somebody needs a response from me via email. Yet I may only be able to let that go because I have a subconscious knowledge that I will be able to plug back into that information when I get home. Now, though, at school, I fall behind if I fail to check my email every hour or two. Usually I check it 10 times an hour – yes, I think every six minutes on average would accurately reflect my activities. I get anxious if I cannot check it; I wonder if somebody desperately needed my input. Or maybe somebody commented on my blog! Or on my Flickr pictures! If so, I must know quickly! So just plug my brain into the Internet and my withdrawl symptoms will abate.

5 thoughts on “Information Addiction

  1. It is much easier to do without when the connection is just simply not available. It is very much like withdrawal… it feels bad for awhile and then the symptoms lessen. I’m always saying to myself that I’ve got to stop checking email every time I walk by the computer.

  2. I’m pretty obsessed with my email, though I don’t think I’m necessarily obsessed with information. I don’t read the news generally, or watch the news. Sometimes I like being somewhat naive to the corruption of the world. But in terms of modern communication, I’m definitely reliant on it, some things more than others. If I’m driving on the highway and I don’t have my cell phone with me, there’s always that little voice of panic thinking “if I break down…what am I going to do?!”…what everyone else did before cell phones obviously!

  3. It’s amazing how society has adapted to cell phones in particular. Things that we commonly did without them before – for example, meeting people at the airport – now seem crazy to do without a cell phone. Or as you say, driving places. Or hiking – cell phones have become the 11th essential.

    How can we live without cell phones? people ask. And as you say: Just like we have for hundreds of years…

  4. I want to comment here on conceited IT departments who are so convinced that the world would end without them, when in fact it would go through maybe a week or two of difficulty, and then move on and forget about them.

  5. Even more than hundreds of years without electricity, I like to think about the 2 *MILLION* years we spent without an Agircultural revolution. And not only did we survive through it, we fucking OWNED this planet after it put us through millions of years of hell. The climb to the top of this world was not easy or fast. Thanks, Mother Nature for letting our children be eaten by tigers and our brothers eat each other in the icy mountains. We’d like to take this opportunity to give back a little token of our appreciation by sucking you dry and laughing all the way.

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