Day’s Verse:
“Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.”
Mark 9:50

Dog WatchingThe story is this. That I put off my MQP work until the day it was due, and thus spent all of Tuesday MQPing. That evening I learned that an exam I thought was on Friday – consisting, I have been lead to believe by reliable sources, almost entirely of vocabulary – actually is today. Thus I spent all of Wednesday memorizing 85 definitions along these lines:

Self-Monitoring The tendency to change behavior in response to self-perception concerns of the situation.

I still cannot remember 21 of these vocabulary words with any reliability and only hope that two and a half hours from now I learn that my professor has picked vocabulary from among the 64 words I know.

Another ironic definition:

Stress An unpleasant state of arousal in which people perceive the demands of an event as taxing or exceeding their ability to satisfy or alter those demands.

Wonderfully applicable for me over the last 24 hours.

UPDATE: The test did not explicitly ask for any definitions. It indirectly only required knowledge of about four terms, one of which did not appear in any of the vocabulary lists. So an entire day of studying – and falling behind in my other classes – was in vain.

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