One More Straw May Break This Camel’s Back

Day’s Verse:
Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”
Genesis 1:26

GravestoneI’m frantically trying to finish my MQP before everything else cascades in on me. Everything else is:

  • A job interview tomorrow morning at 9:45 (future time investment: 30 minutes)
  • Teaching a Wednesday Workshop tomorrow at 1:00 (time investment: 1 hour)
  • Social Psychology final exam covering 6 chapter 10/10 (future time investment: ?10 hours)
  • Social Psychology project write-up (like a scientific journal article) due 10/10 (future time investment: 5 hours)
  • Plant Diversity final exam covering everything from algae to angiosperms 10/11 (future time investment: ?15 hours)
  • Social Psychology project presentation some time between 10/11 and 10/13 (future time investment: as little as possible, maybe 2 hours)
  • Social Implications final paper due 10/11 (future time investment: no more than 2 hours)
  • Memorizing a speech for the Board of Advisors meeting on 10/13 (future time investment: ?8 hours)

I think I will refrain from adding up those number of hours to see if that many even separate me from the end of the term. So my MQP needs printing. Three copies must sit there in my hot little hands before 10/13, and I cannot find a way to color laser print it. It would cost $53.25 to print three copies at the CCC, but that may be the only way. For the sake of Pete, people, I’m not talking about printing the Gutenberg Bible here! I didn’t expect to have printing the report turn into some huge ordeal, not after all the work I’ve put in. But it is an ordeal indeed. Gah. Continue Reading >>