Berdichevsky and Neuenschwander

Day’s Verse:
The heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the gare in the cool of the day…
Genesis 3:8

Ian went off this morning to a job interview with Raytheon. I fed him hash browns and scrambled eggs before he left. A black town car with tinted windows came to pick him up at 6:35, and I can only hope it will also return him this afternoon.

Yesterday I finished my MQP. That is, I will do no more editing. I cannot actually finish it until Monday, when I can obtain my advisor’s signature. The Print Shop here on campus will print and bind three copies for me; the whole kit and kaboodle will cost me about $75. Thankfully my actual MQP submission will be a PDF copy uploaded to the WPI site via their new digital projects page. Ironically the digital submission generates more paperwork, but not having to print a fourth copy of the project itself – which now spans 145 pages – is well worth the extra work. Now I can focus on the other things: Continue Reading >>