Day’s Verse:
Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.
Genesis 6:22

This picture plus Social Psychology vocabulary words.

Within 48 hours three of the four major concerns looming immediately before me will be over. Then on October 13 I will give my little talk, completing those worrisome responsibilities. The next morning I will fly home and start contacting potential future employers in the Seattle area. Even that is preferable to the stress crushing me now.

If it seems like I have a particular mantra of Work/Stress/Work/Stress going on in my blog, that is only because those two things dominate almost every waking moment and some of my sleeping moments, too. This will get more interesting when I raise my head above the schoolwork waves.

Also recall that my comments are disabled because “um” has posted enough noxious messages to begin poisoning all the comments on my blog. I will re-enable comments when I have found a way to control who posts more effectively. In the meantime you can email me by clicking the Katie link at the end of each post. I apologize for all you who would leave comments but have no inclination to email me; I cannot allow rude, lying, or inappropriate comments. I am sorry that one person has ruined it for me and everybody else.

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